The Vault Open indie game development

Super Hot Asteroid

One more on the minimalistic theme. This game is a mix of Asteroids (the Atari classic) and the amazing SUPERHOT.

I've added a nice screen shake when something explodes. I've learned this with two talks that are totally worth watching: The Art of Screenshake by Vlambeer's Jan Willem Nijman and Juice it or lose it by Grapefrukt's Martin Jonasson and Petri Purho.

Also, tunning the mechanic was pretty interesting: how fast can the ships fly, fire rates, bot AI. Overall, it was a lot of fun.

Done in 1 day, using ugl.

Full source code.


I enjoyed this minimalistic style scheme with full background color and B&W foreground. I will do more of that.

The maze generation algorithm is different than usual. It's a variant of Prim's algorithm that tries to make the maze a bit circular (so we have longer corridors on the outskirts). This is done by picking a prefered direction of expansion depending on the tile we are expanding.

The bots walk semi-randomly. They try to get closer to you, but not optimally. If they directly see you, they will run for you.

Based on Ryleigh Kostash's mazing.

Done in 1 day, using ugl.

Full source code.

vault library

I've just published on github a library containing all code I use for game development in Haxe. It's called vault.

It contains mostly code written by me, with some classes copied or inspired by other people. Credits on particular files and on the main readme.

It also includes ugl the micro game library (I call it ugly), that I use for rapid game prototyping. Ugl was originally based on mgl, but things have drifted apart pretty fast plus I have a non-cryptic name convention.

There is a bunch of code and very little documentation so far. I plan to improve this in the future, but who knows.

Go check it out.


Two days ago I released the first version of my sfxr port for Haxe. It's fully compatible with as3sfxr.

It supports Native and Flash OpenFL target for now. HTML5 coming soon.