Week 2 Your life is your design

April 18th, 2021

I've been collecting creative checklists. Here's one by Aaron Coberly:

It reads: Squint to see basic shapes; Composition; Simplify; Lost and found edges (hard and soft edges); Bold rich colors; Paint thickly; Use broad strokes.

It reminded me to start painting again. As anyone can see on my instagram, I'm not particularly great at it. But it's fun and I enjoy doing it.

I've been using mostly Procreate and HeavyPaint. HeavyPaint was created by a single programmer/artist using the godot game engine (?!). It's not perfect, but it embraces restrictions and gives back some creative art.

I also found out about a new color palette named DOWNGRADED 32, which looks great. There's already some art going around using it. I'm a huge fan of fixed palettes and I will give this one a try.

A twitter rant about the expression "low and middle income countries". As if there's a category of people who intrinsically, genetically, naturally are bound to a particular social/economic role.

On the puzzle game, we have a working PWA! Cleaned up much of the build process (both for Capacitor and PWA). Reduced my TODO list to only a few items. It's getting closer and closer.

Solved a lot of my Makefile/script issues by using Taskfile. It's kinda obvious, but a great way to organize things. Also, browserslist is an amazing resource (together with babel/rollup) to be able to target proper web user share.

... so go ahead and design it

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