Week 3 for the games we play

April 25th, 2021

A writer checklist that I came up after a conversation with lou keep:

I have a printed version of this at my desk, it has helped me a lot to be a better writer.

I finished playing Maquette. It's a puzzle game that explores weird space recursion. Most of the game happens in a space that contains a live maquette of itself. Apart from a couple crashing bugs near the end, I enjoyed the game. The puzzles are fun and flow well. On open puzzle games, it's really important to set proper expectations. At one point in the game, the puzzle involved jumping out of a bridge. It was the first (and only) time the game presented a "movement puzzle". It felt unfair, and hard, even though the puzzle itself was trivial.

Also finished playing Expand. It's a movement/timing platform that happens inside a circular space. I really enjoyed this one. The mechanics are more challenging than I expected and the game never gets boring. The difficulty level is very well balanced.

Finally, I finally finished Control. I had a lot of fun.

I caught up with Steve Yegge's rant on GCP deprecation policy. It's a good read. It also pointed me to Stripe's API versioning post, which was amazing. This is good modern software engineering that aims to solve real users problems. Everything else is ego (I'm looking at you, "a tool written in Go/Rust" folks).

I learned about the famous Opera game played in Paris, 1858 by Paul Morphy vs a Duke and a Comte. agadmator review of the game is pretty good and summarize well some of Morphy's genius. It's a great example of attack chess, where you focus on development and position over material advantage.

If you are curious about what Agadmator calls "butcher move" (8. Qxb7), GM Ben Finegold has a good explanation of it.

I learned about List of 20 Simple, Distinct Colors.

Site updates: set up a goaccess dashboard, considering deprecating goatcounter. Added this PGN viewer (it took a while, they are all kinda bad).

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