Week 4 utopia's architect

May 2nd, 2021

I learned that digital scales lie. A lot. There are digital scales that, to show the weight instantly, are pulling the value from memory, i.e., showing the last day's value or an average of the last few reading. Most of them have some sort of "correction bias" based on that. Software ruins everything.

I decided to drop my old scale and its not great phone app. To replace it, I wrote a small PWA that fills a Google Sheets directly from the browser.

It would be nice to find a way to share those one-offs web apps. They're definitely not "production ready". But I have a few of them on my phone to solve small life annoyances. Maybe other people will find them useful.

My workmate Alex Russell wrote a very nice summary of the awful situation of browser rendering engine support on iOS and why it harms the web. The evil App Store Guideline 2.5.6.

It dawned on me that all my requests to Apple are for them to stop doing things: 2.5.6, the TouchBar, the latest software protections on MacOS.

I went on a small rant on twitter (in Portuguese) as a follow up to Ted Chiang's comment that when people say they are scared of technology, it usually means they are scared of capitalism. Of how capitalism will weaponize technology against them.

I stumbled upon gordon brander's patterns. I'm enjoying going through them. I had seen/tried Zettelkasten notes before, but they don't really work for me. Maybe I should try something else.

Reads of the week.

A headroom so high you’ll never see it again where Apple keeps building better and faster hardware for the same shitty software. Software ruins everything.

Just Because You See It, Doesn't Mean It's Gone Re-reading TLP from time to time. This article from 2012 talks about transference. About fostering change and not just insight.

Best things I've watched during April.

Snowpiercer S02. I'm enjoying this show way more than the movie.

Invincible. A violent cartoon. It has some refreshing takes, leaving the usual superheroes tropes in the background. Fun.

The Nevers. Joss Whedon. The season is not over yet, but this show won my heart by having the first fight scene I've enjoyed in decades.

The Capture. I binged this over 2 days. It's a great suspense show. Wholeheartedly recommend.

Vida S01. I wanna hang out with all the characters in this show. And not in a creepy Friends way. It feels nice to be invested in their problems.

I migrated this site to lume. It's a much simpler static site generator than 11ty and it does an amazing job.

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