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This is my take on Atari's Megamania.

It has some of the enemy patterns found on the original game, but the latter levels are somewhat harder. Also, not having lifes makes the game much harder than the original version. I may revisit that. It has also a nice minimalistic theme.

One interesting part of coding this was trying to find a minimal data structure to support all different enemy patterns. In the end they can all be described by a spawn pattern (for horizontal and vertical waves), functions for x and y movement and frequency of shooting.

It also contains a Space Invaders generator that has nice results for such a simple idea. It's based on Invader.Fractal.

During the development, I ended up improving a lot some of ugl: better timers, game delay, input reset, sound caching and nicer particles.

Done in 20 hours, using ugl.

Full source code.